Lunch and Tales - an afternoon to delight in stories and food.

Within the last month we have had two afternoons of ‘Lunch and Tales. Both were wonderful and popular days of good food and great stories.

Our welcoming hosts Christine Carlton and Sue Alvarez invited us into the world of story and conversation by starting the days with traditional tales and later entertained us with personal stories. 

The exciting aspect of this event is the invitation for anyone to share a story, a true or tall tale or a traditional or contemporary fiction or perhaps an historical story or small anecdote. The theme of ‘Travelling Tales’ was broad enough to embrace many varied interpretations of what travel means.

We journeyed to England, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Zambia, Phillipines, Nepal, Denmark and locally as well to hear tales of historical significance, mishaps, discoveries, death, love, insight and humour. 

These gatherings were full of laughter, intrigue and of course wonderful food all taking place in an intimate setting of a Thai Restaurant on the Northern Beaches. Who would think that tales of ‘Smuggling Money across a Border’ or a ‘Discerning Dog and the Travelling Peas’ or the ‘Desire for Icecream’ or a ‘Hunter and a Blind Man” could be on the menu for community storytelling. 

Our next ‘Lunch and Tales’ will take place in September - The date will be revealed soon!

We look forward to sharing a variety of story styles and delicious food on a Spring Sunday afternoon.