Why not engage a storyteller to enliven and enrich your next event? Our storytellers work with a wide range of audiences and contexts, from schools and libraries, to corporate keynotes, to festivals, cultural events, aged care and more. 

In addition to performance, some storytellers also offer workshops or coaching.

The storytellers listed below are Accredited Members of Storytellers NSW who are available for hire. Accreditation is a process where a person who has learned the art and craft of storytelling stands before a panel of three or more judges who listen to, and watch, the performance of the storyteller and determine whether this person has sufficient expertise to hold the title of Accredited Member.

To learn about individual storytellers, click on the storyteller’s name.

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By offering this service, the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) does not intend or imply any specific recommendations. People interested in engaging a storyteller are encouraged to contact storytellers directly or fill in the enquiry form above to find storytellers that match their requirements.