The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)
Stories are everywhere in books, newspapers, films, TV, on the Web and in iPods. Stories are EVERYWHERE!
However, for us at The Storytelling Guild of NSW, Stories are TOLD, rather than READ ALOUD. Storytelling is what happens when a Story is told, face to face, eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart. The Story is intimately known by the Teller, Spoken aloud, and shared, like a gift, with the audience.
Known as the Narrative Oral Tradition, Storytelling is our first literacy, our oldest Art Form and a living Art.
SO WELCOME to our website and we encourage you to come and join us, and become part of this dynamic, living art form, either as a Teller of Tales, or a Listener to Tales, we welcome both equally.

SATURDAY JULY 25th 2015  

Hosted by Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) 

Winter Storytelling!

9.45am- Arrive 

10.00am Storytelling Insights and Strategies - expanding our storytelling skills

What were some learnings and challenges that arose from workshops at the June Storytelling Conference? 

What are some of the questions you have about storytelling processes, practices or performance?

11.30am AGM and election of committee 

12.30pm  Traditional Soup Lunch and Stone Soup Story 

1.15pm - 3pm - Winter Stories to Chill the Bones or Warm the Heart’An afternoon of storytelling. Invite some friends to join us for the whole day or for the afternoon storytelling.

Cost: $15 

Where: Gladesville Community Centre, 44 Gladesville Rd, Hunters Hill

Bookings:  0402 927 943


Details of the 2015 NSW Storytelling Competition for students in Yrs 5 & 6


Winners of the 2014 Student Story Writing and Storytelling Competitions share their stories at the Weaving Stories Together - Sydney International Storytelling Conference June 2014 

Vincent Vedamunthu, Daniel Beattie, Charlott Pitt, Alex Kilby, Alexis McClean

conference logo

Sydney International Storytelling Conference’  June 6-8, 2014


Next Sydney International Storytelling Conference will take place in June 2016