The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)
Stories are everywhere in books, newspapers, films, TV, on the Web and in iPods. Stories are EVERYWHERE!
However, for us at The Storytelling Guild of NSW, Stories are TOLD, rather than READ ALOUD. Storytelling is what happens when a Story is told, face to face, eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart. The Story is intimately known by the Teller, Spoken aloud, and shared, like a gift, with the audience.
Known as the Narrative Oral Tradition, Storytelling is our first literacy, our oldest Art Form and a living Art.
SO WELCOME to our website and we encourage you to come and join us, and become part of this dynamic, living art form, either as a Teller of Tales, or a Listener to Tales, we welcome both equally.

SATURDAY JUNE 20th 2015  8.30am - 5pm

Hosted by Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) 

One Day Wonder! - Storytelling Conference

A conference for adults focusing on storytelling skills and stories for different audience groups. Choice of workshops in morning & afternoon sessions followed by Story Slam Family Concert which will feature finalists of the NSW Student's Storytelling Competition

8.30 Registration and Cuppa 

9.00 Welcome and Stepping into story 


1A. Bridging Cultures Through Storytelling - Lilli Rodrigues-Pang

Stories and approaches that allow and assist people in communities/classroom/workplaces to understand cultural differences. The act of telling and listening to each others stories allows us to find common ground and develop an understanding of differences. Learn simple stories and story facilitation methods to spark healthy story sharing and conversations.

Lilli Rodrigues Pang is a bilingual storyteller whose energetic performances of stories from around the globe honors and values cultural diversity.

1B. Folktales to Build Resilience and Model Kindness  - Jenni Cargill-Strong

Jenni's award-winning album “Reaching for the Moon and other wisdom tales” was inspired by Elisa Pearmain's book "Storytelling to Prevent Bullying and Build Character". She will tell a few of these, then demonstrate and discuss follow-up activities as designed by Pearmain for children. Workshop participants will work through fun class room follow-up activities for several tales. 

Jenni Cargill-Strong has five award-winning story albums. She teaches storytelling each summer session at Southern Cross University.

12.20  ----   Lunch of Tasty Soup and Rolls 


2A Puppets Ate My Story- Jill Webster

How can puppets be used to enhance a storytelling performance?  What types of puppets are best suited to different types of story?  How does a storyteller relate to a puppet, and a puppet to an audience? These questions will be explored in the workshop using demonstration, discussion and play. (Puppets provided, or feel free to bring your own!)

Jill has entertained audiences throughout Scotland and Sydney for over 20 years. Her flamboyant storytelling style, features colourful props, cloth and puppets.

2B  Ariadne’s Thread:  Storytelling in therapeutic settings  - Megan Pascoe

Through imagery, characters and plot, stories mirror our own struggles and free the mind to imagine options for creative change. (Crossroads: Dorr)

Using traditional stories as process, participants will have the opportunity to engage in creative expression, meaning-making and ways of working outside their usual repertoire. This workshop will benefit those working in health and wellness with clients for healing or personal growth. 

Megan Pascoe is a counsellor and storyteller. She has worked in healthcare settings and private practice using story as process for healing.

2C. Preparing the Personal Story for Performance - Donna Jacobs-Sife and Christine Carlton

What is the inspiration or stimulus for a personal story? What are the challenges,  surprises, insights and processes involved in crafting a story for performance to an audience? Donna and Christine will share some of their stories and the journey of capturing and bringing to lfe the essence of the simple and the extraordinary. Participants will also be invited to share some of their experiences.

Donna Jacobs Sife is an award-winning storyteller. Her personal stories give expression to life's purpose and the human spirit.

Christine Carlton is a storyteller and education consultant whose stories bring a tenderness, playfulness and integrity to the ordinary moments of life.

3.00   ----     Afternoon Tea Break 


Venue: Villa Maria Primary School, Mark Street, Hunters Hill. 

Cost: General - $95, Story Guild members - $80, Pensioners and students - $60 

Register your name and your chosen method of payment to Treasurer

  1. Please send EFT payments to St George Bank Account name: Australian Storytelling Guild NSW, BSB: 112879, Account number: 043703110. Include your name and CONF as the reference.                                             

      2. Cheques made payable to Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc.

          Post cheques to Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) PO Box Q274, QVB Post Office,  NSW 1230 Australia.

Click here for PDF page of full program, registration details and workshop descriptions


Details of the 2015 NSW Storytelling Competition for students in Yrs 5 & 6


Winners of the 2014 Student Story Writing and Storytelling Competitions share their stories at the Weaving Stories Together - Sydney International Storytelling Conference June 2014 

Vincent Vedamunthu, Daniel Beattie, Charlott Pitt, Alex Kilby, Alexis McClean

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Sydney International Storytelling Conference’  June 6-8, 2014


Next Sydney International Storytelling Conference will take place in June 2016