Stories and Songs of Wales

Last night's entertainment “Stories and Songs of Wales” was most enjoyable! The music, singing and stories truly did capture the spirit of Wales. The atmosphere was intimate and close with 26 visitors sitting in a mellowly lit loungeroom.

All were engaged by the lilting voice of Lynne Denman, the playful and gentle plucking of the harp strings and deft fingering of the accordion by Stacey Blythe and the ebb and flow of story from Michael Harvey. The room was filled with a resonant reverberating sound that sometimes was gentle and mysterious and other times cheeky and adventuresome. It was lovely watching each performer take centre stage to highlight their special performance skill and also work as a trio in bringing all aspects together in a spirited ensemble of voice and music.


A special thank you goes to Liz Locksley for her hospitality and welcoming manner. She had gone to a lot of effort in preparing the space for such a friendly gathering and providing lovely delicious snacks. As with all our storytelling events the mid time break in the performances was alive with conversation and new connections of people who love listening to stories