Newly Accredited Storytellers

Congratulations to our newly accredited storytellers , Jill Webster, Michael Patterson and Ulf Nilsson.

Earlier this month, our three candidates presented 2 stories each from two different genres for the audience and the accreditation panel at Tales Told Live in Glebe.

Jill began the afternoon with a tall story, and I do mean a tall story as Jill told her story from the top of stilts. Not only were Jill’s legs long, but she certainly pulled the audiences legs with her fabulous story.

Next up was Ulf, he had chosen two stories from a program he is working on “A Celebration of Life through Death”. His first story was an Indian Folktale “Why Death became Feared” and his second tale, a poignant personal story “Leslie’s Story” about the death of his first wife. It was a beautifully told story, rich with images of the gentle English Countryside.

Michael then shared his first story, a heart warming telling of the children’s book The Memory Tree” by Britta Teckentrup.

Jill, came back minus stilts, to tell her second story, the fairytale “The Ogre’s Oak”. It was a lively telling, full of Jill’s brilliant characterisations and brought home beautifully, with a bitter sweet ending.

Michael’s second story was a Michael original: “Rebecca The Bush Turkey”. The story was wonderfully crafted, delightfully told and chock full of fun audience participation.

While the accreditation panel were deliberating, the audience were further entertained by stories from Tim Hunter, Francis Chung, Dorothy Makasa and Jo Henwood.

Many thanks to our audience for being such a wonderful supportive crowd and to our accreditation panel, Christine Greenough, Kiran Shah & Sue Alvarez

Pathway to Accreditation

The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) offers its members a pathway to Accreditation. Accreditation is a process where a person who has learned the art and craft of storytelling stands before a panel of three or more judges who listen to, and watch, the performance of the storyteller and determine whether this person has sufficient expertise to hold the title of Accredited Member.

Coaching & Mentoring

Most accredited storytellers are happy to offer mentoring to members seeking accreditation. It is highly recommended by the Guild that applicants also enlist the services of an accredited member as a storytelling coach. Coaching provides valuable in depth one on one tutoring about the art and craft of storytelling. Coaching is available at an hourly rate to be negotiated with the accredited teller. Applicants can apply to anyone of our accredited members listed on the website for coaching.

Eligibility for Accreditation

  • Membership of two years is a prerequisite for applying for Accreditation.

  • Applicants must attend 3 workshops annually. Attendance at The International Conference will be considered favourably.

  • Applicants must tell at 3 Guild or Guild Approved events yearly. ie The Web, Travelling Tales, Long Story Short, Conference

  • Other events may be considered where other Guild Accreditation Members are in attendance.

  • Applicants must tell different stories at each event to indicate they are expanding their repertoire.

  • Applicants must show evidence of storytelling activity outside the Guild.

The Assessment

The applicant will present a storytelling performance of two stories before a panel of Accredited Members. The applicant must state who their target audience is and tell stories from two different genres. Applicants will be assessed on:

  • Timing- the applicants ability to stay within the allotted time.

  • Voice- modulation, projection, pacing

  • Body language

  • Audience interaction

  • Suitability of the selected stories for the stated age group

  • The beginning and ending of performance (greeting & farewell)

Following Accreditation

After a member becomes Accredited, their name is added to the list of recommended Accredited/Professional Storytellers. To remain on the list, the Teller must continue to be an accredited financial member of the Guild. Accredited members pay a slightly higher fee than standard members to have their names listed on the website.

Accreditation Officer

The Guild’s Accreditation officer is actor, director, stand-up storyteller Christine Greenough.

For more information on accreditation contact: