'Participation Storytelling' and AGM

What an exciting and full day. It started with a most energetic and practical workshop on ‘Participation Storytelling’ led by Christine Carlton and Kiran Shah. We explored strategies for engaging and preparing an audience for participation before a story and had examples of spontaneously involving people throughout the story. Different approaches for various age groups were discussed and this was followed with examples of use of gesture, sounds, group actions, chants, repetition etc. 

We also engaged in co-created group  storytelling. Not only did this develop our spontaneous response skills, but also challenged us to work as a team for coherent and entertaining stories. It was valuable for generating creative new ideas and working with a sometimes surprising stimulus to take the story in a different direction. It was also helpful in transferring these skills to solo live performance where we respond to the audience and adapt, change and modify the telling experience to invite the audience to actively participate in the story of the moment.

After the workshop the AGM took place. Christine Carlton gave a comprehensive President’s Report as retiring President and wished the new leadership team to be elected  an exciting time as they continue to take the guild forward with fresh energy and enthusiasm. Sue Alvarez, the Public Officer then took over and conducted the elections for the new committee. 

The newly elected committee for 2018 - 2019
Lindy Mitchell- Nilsson - President
Michael Patterson - Vice President
Ulf Nilsson - Treasurer
Kiran Shah - Secretary
Committee Members:
Judy Mitchell
Christine Greenough
Christine Carlton

After the formalities of the elections Michael Patterson told an original contemporary version of ‘Stone Soup’ before a soup lunch with bread rolls. Thank you to Barbara Castledine, Sue Alvarez, Judy Mitchell and Marilyn Walker for looking after the catering for our day.

After lunch we continued on being entertained by stories that invited participation from the audience. Different stories and styles were presented by Dorothy, Sandie, Jill, Sue and Christine, Malcolm, Barbara, Christine, and Lee.

Gaye Braiding who attended the workshop wrote to “thank Christine, Kiran and the team for a fabulous workshop. Learnt a heap and laughed a lot - both extremely good for the soul. Loved the stone soup story leading to a delicious lunch. Thank you”

A newcomer wrote: “A very big 'thank you' for the wonderful and inspiring workshop on Saturday. Christine and Kiran and I'm sure others, put a lot of work into it to make it come alive - really well run! I look forward to future events as I have found the Guild most welcoming and focal in the dissemination of knowledge and craft of Story Telling.