The Storyteller's Space

The Don Banks Museum tucked away in Napier Street , North Sydney  was the venue for a story circle and workshop in March.  We welcomed visitor Michelle from Western Australia and relative newcomer Julie to the day’s activities.  It was a story circle full of surprises. Michelle told a story about her time on a small Scottish Isle and getting the better of a taciturn goat. Then Jill Webster twelve feet tall, and resplendent in red and white stripped trousers, a white corset top and wide brimmed hat, popped her head in and told a tall story whilst successfully balancing on stilts.  Following this Kiran told a story in preparation for World Storytelling Day, Christine shared a story told to her by her mother, Judy shared the story of the Four Bears and a visit to a friend in Aged Care. Then we were in the hands of Lindy and Ulf who asked us to perform unexpected tasks to claim our space as story tellers…stand in front of the fireplace and don’t say a word…find an empty space and fill it for 3 minutes…. What direction does your story take physically,vocally and metaphorically? .. and many more adventures which could enhance and enrich our storytelling whilst we claimed 'The Storyteller’s Space'