Water Stories and Feasting

A group of enthusiastic storytellers and listeners gathered in the seaside beach suburb of Manly on Sunday 12th of November to share an afternoon of storytelling and delicious treats. Our theme for the day was WATER and the stories did flow. 

We were taken from family bath time rituals to holiday beach time frolics. There were times of fear, comfort and courage with stories of seeking refuge in safe places from frightening rainstorms whether they be in the suburbs or the deep forest. Rugged convict ship journey’s to a newly settled southern colony revealed surprising information for family history. We traversed the globe with folktales from Europe and the Australian bush billabong along with a number of anecdotes in between.

Not only did we enjoy the stories, we also feasted on delicious treats. This was more than a ‘High Tea’, it was a banquet of delectable delights that included: savoury fish, meat and vegetable tarts; dips, nuts and olives; fruitcake, scones with jam and cream, strawberry muffins,  blueberry slice, banana bread, mango slice, rumballs and other mouth watering decadence.

After such a feast we decided that one of our next afternoons of storytelling should be themed ‘Food’.

Thank you to all who told stories to nourish our creative spirits and special gratitude to Sue Alvarez our host and cook extraordinaire!

“That Reminds me of a Time When...”

Saturday 16th September's workshop, “That Reminds me of a Time When...” was a fabulous day of finding, crafting and telling personal stories. The group began with a couple of fun warm up, get to know you exercises, then with some story prompts we set about writing our own personal fairytale. We then broke into threes and each one shared their tale while the other two listened from a particular perspective(Sun & Moon). We then had time to polish up our stories using our partners’ feedback with another telling of our polished story.
Mary Alice held a beautiful nurturing space for our memories and stories to pour forth. There were a few tears, some laughs and many wonderful fairytales shared and created.

Collective Story Harvesting

On Friday, 15th September, participants from the business world were inspired by Mary Alice Arthur's ”Collective Story Harvest” workshop. The afternoon was rich with storytelling and story listening, with each story listener- listening with a particular focus and one listener witnessing both the storyteller, the other listeners and the overall telling. Then all these “harvests” were shared back to the teller and the group in what was an enriching and empowering session.

"Mary Alice Arthur's Collective Story Harvesting workshop is a revelation. Listening is the key. She shows how to listen for magic, for the unspoken elephants in the room, for dark moments and challenges, for unexpected collaboration, for the call to leadership. This focussed listening leads to transcendent and empowering stories." Jeanne

Nuts and Bolts and New Action Committee

We had a wonderful day on Saturday 22nd of July.  There were some little gems shared in our ‘Storytelling - Nuts and Bolts’ workshop which included activities to welcome and engage participants in a workshop, performance technique, using sound and gesture to precede the action or concur with the words to support and emphasise the gesture, simple story structures, what to consider when telling personal stories 

The workshop was followed by the AGM, election of new committee and collective humorous story about magic soup. And then of course we had soup for lunch.

The afternoon session was an open mic where we heard some wonderful tales from Rowlanda, Barbara, Michael,  Kiran, Judy, Christine, Lindy, Stephen

New Storytelling Guild Committee 2017/2018

President - Christine Carlton
Vice-President - Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson
Treasurer - Sandra Wigzell
Secretary - Lee Castledine
Minute Secretary - Marilyn Walker
Committee Members: 
 - Christine Greenough
 - Judy Mitchell
 - Kiran Shah
 - Barbara Castledine

2017 Young Storytellers Take to the Stage

What a wonderful entertaining afternoon we had for the final session of the NSW Storytelling Conference for Adults - ‘Storytelling to Capture Your Audience’ at the end of June 2017. The Family Concert where the 7 finalists of the Student Storytelling Competition for children in yrs 5 & 6 performed their stories to family, friends, teachers and participants at the NSW State Conference was a delight. The Student stories included personal and creative stories written by the children as well as contemporary published tales.

This is the 8th year of the Statewide competition hosted by the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc.  www.storytellersnsw.org.au  Over this time we have viewed entries of high quality from State, Catholic and Independent schools that showcase young people's love of language and literature. 

Again this year we saw confident performances of stories that ranged in style and genre.  Some tales were full of humour, mystery, twists and turns and others displayed a profound interest in narratives that dealt with challenging social issues.

“The students were invited to tell, not read their stories because not only does telling develop communication skills and confidence, it also develops community by inviting interaction with the audience in an engaging and entertaining way. In this era of social media, there is a renewed interest in live storytelling. This competition is an annual showcase for young Australian spoken talent”, said Christine Carlton, President of the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW)  

The Final placings for the Competition:
1st Place - Zachary O'Hara - Our Lady of Fatima Primary School, Caringbah - 'A bully is just another person in the crowd.'
2nd Place - Ivy Lowe - St Gerard's Primary School, Carlingford - 'Hatty and the Fox'
3rd Place - Natasha Metlege - St Catherine Laboure Primary School, Gymea - 'Life Isn’t What You Expect.,

The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the development of and advocacy for oral storytelling, literature appreciation and creative expression through story creation and performance.