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The Storyteller’s Gym -David Novak
10:00 AM10:00

The Storyteller’s Gym -David Novak

The Storyteller’s Gym Connecting Mind and Body for Creativity, Flexibility, and Compelling Communication with David Novak Usa.

This workshop presents a series of “storytelling workouts” focusing on different aspects of the storyteller’s mind and body including: breath control, physical and vocal flexibility, and mental agility.

At the end of the session, participants will be able to • Hone skills with a variety of skill-building exercises; • Examine stories from new perspectives; • Be mentally and physically ready for performance; • Improve creative thinking and problem-solving.

The Storyteller’s Gym was developed at East Tennessee University as a regular workout for graduate students in Communication and Storytelling in order to identify specific physical and cognitive skills required for effective story invention, interpretation, and presentation. These skills incorporate: • breath support, • physical limbering, • thoughtful articulation and vocabulary development, • playful problem solving, • imaginative exploration of stories, • creative agility for story invention.

David Novak tells stories to enhance learning, engage emotion, and find common ground. A performing and teaching artist with North Carolina A+ Schools, National Storytelling Festival, schools and stages across the nation. David's international tours include China, Australia, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic. A recipient of the Circle of Excellence from the National Storytelling Network and formerly Master Storyteller for The Disney Institute. David lives in Asheville, NC, and is a published author and recording artist.

Limited Spaces 25

Members $75

Members with Concession card $55

Non members with Concession Card $65

Non Members $120

Non members $120

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Storytelling From Page to Stage
10:00 AM10:00

Storytelling From Page to Stage

A full day storytelling skills workshop with the fabulous Standup Storyteller, Actor & Director, Christine Geenough.

All storytellers, whether newbies, emerging or professional will gain skills & polish their performances with the multi-talented Christine Greenough. This workshop is an absolute must for those on their accreditation path and anyone wishing to learn more about the art of oral storytelling.

Chistine Greenough is an Actor, Director, Producer and above all a Storyteller with over 40 years experience in theatre, film and TV.  She co-founded The Talespinners in 1997 (with Sue Alvarez) and has be telling stories to audiences from 3 to 103 throughout Australia, Asia and America.  She loves to entertain and gets so much joy performing.   But she also loves  listening and being inspired by other Storytellers from all over the world. 

Her workshop will be about finding the suitable story for you to tell from the page and presenting it to an audience be it on stage or in a space anywhere where an audience can gather.  She will encourage you to  delve into the story from all characters’ perspectives. 

Deciding from

Who’s  angle you are going to tell the story?

Why does this story make you want to tell it? 

What you need to enhance the story (voice, physicality, props, costume etc)?

Where  is it set?

When does it take place?


Limited Spaces 24

Cost: $55 Concession Card Holders

$70 Members

$95 Non members

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Transport to the Tote Building- 100 Joynton Avenue, Zetland NSW 2017

·         Bus routes M20 and 301 stop at O`Dea Avenue near Bourke Street.

·         Bus route 343 stops at Elizabeth Street near Joynton Avenue.

·         Green Square train station is within walking distance.

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Tales Told Live: Accreditation and Open Mic.
2:00 PM14:00

Tales Told Live: Accreditation and Open Mic.

Tales Told Live in March will feature several Storytellers NSW Members who will be telling stories before the audience and the accreditation panel. If you’d like to know more about the accreditation process click here. There will also be some open spots available- perfect for emerging storytellers to gain experience and to be seen by the accreditation panel.

Tales Told Live is an eclectic mix of stories, music, and spoken word presented the second Sunday of every second month (sort of) by Storytellers NSW at The Friend in Hand Pub in Glebe, 2pm-4pm. Personal stories, folk tales, tall tales, oral history, original stories, ballads. Interested in performing? Let us know!

For us at Storytellers NSW, stories are told, rather than read aloud or shown on a screen Storytelling is what happens when a story is told, face to face, eye to eye, mind to mind, heart to heart. The story is intimately known by the teller, spoken aloud, and shared, like a gift, with the audience. Known as the narrative oral tradition, storytelling is our first literacy. We invite you to join us and experience this oldest and living art form

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