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Sydney International Storytelling Conference

5-7th June 2020 

This biennial conference draws participants, presenters and performers from all Australian States and territories as well as international countries. The conference program has a balance of performances and educational workshops to promote cultural exchange and develop the art, skills and application of Storytelling in a wide context of settings.

Presently, it is the only International Conference held in Australia that has a main focus on the the tradition and practice of Oral Storytelling. The Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) who are the organisers and hosts of the conference are committed to preserving and promoting this significant art form and its relevance within many areas of education, health, welfare and artistic performance

Who should attend the conference?

  • All who use storytelling in work, entertainment or pleasure

  • Primary and Secondary classroom teachers of Drama, English, Literacy

  • Early Childhood educators

  • Adult educators

  • Oral historians and Librarians

  • Counsellors and Health and Welfare workers

  • Mythologists, Ecologists, Sociologists and Folklorists

  • Public Speakers and Business Leaders

  • Parents, grandparents and community groups

The conference will offer 16 professional development workshops that focus on:

  • Development of storytelling skills and techniques

  • Mythology and Ecology

  • Storytelling in Education - Early Childhood, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Adult

  • Storytelling for building community – seniors, youth, church, business etc

  • Storytelling for healing and well being

  • Oral history and historical storytelling

  • Storytelling and culture

  • Storytelling for Leadership

    more information on the website

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