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ResourceS: Articles, Books, Online Sites, Tellers Tips, eTC.

Themed Resource Recommendations: Articles, books, book lists, online sites and other resources recommended by guild members by members on the A-Z of storytelling themes. Tellers Tips have been written by various Guild Members over the years on many different aspects of storytelling and were originally published with the Guild’s quarterly magazine.

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Art and Craft of Storytelling

ABC-of-Storytelling-Tellers Tips. Pat & Peter Dargin pdf

Characterisation-Tellers Tips: Jo Henwood pdf

Characterisation-Tellers Tips: Lilli-Rodriguez-Pang pdf

Improving-Your-Stories-Tellers Tips: Tom Ware pdf

Making-the-Most-of-Your-Voice-Tellers Tips: C-Greenough pdf

Mastering-Time-Tellers Tips: Dargin-Mackay pdf

Mulicultural-Telling-Tellers Tips: L-Rodiguez-Pang pdf

Outdoor-Locations-Tellers Tips: Kiran Shah pdf

Paper-Folding-Stories-Tellers Tips: Pat-Dargin pdf

Power-of-String-Figures-Tellers Tips: K Watkins pdf

Puppetry-Tellers Tips: Various Authors pdf

Seven-Hints-for-Happy-Storytelling-Tellers Tips: Jeni-Cargil-Strong pdf

Teenagers-Love-Stories-Tellers Tips: H Roelink.pdf

Telling-Your-Story-Tellers Tips: A-Shephard.pdf

Early Childhood, Children’s Storytelling & Education

Early Language Tellers Tips: Peter Dargin-pdf

Education By Stealth: Storytelling & Education: Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson- Article

Playing-with-Language-Tellers Tips: Peter Dargin- pdf

Recommended Felt Board Resources- Recommended List by Lee Castledine

Role of Storytelling in Early Literacy Development: Louise Phillips Article

Stories-for-Early-Childhood-Tellers Tips: P Dargin-pdf

Storytelling-in-Early-Childhood-Settings-Tellers Tips: Cynthia Hartman-pdf

Storytelling engagement in the classroom: observable behavioural cues of children’s story experiences: Mundy-Taylor, J. (2013) (PhD), University of Newcastle. PhD Thesis.

Storytelling-with-Props-Tellers Tips: C-Panich.pdf

Telling-Stories-to-Children-Tellers Tips: P & P-Dargin.pdf

Telling Tales: The Benefits of Oral Storytelling for Children. Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson- article

The Wonder and Joy of Storytelling to Young Children- A fabulous BOOK & DVD by Member Patsy Allen

Using-action-stories-in-early-childhood-storytelling-Tellers Tips: L Castledine.pdf

Why-the-Feltboard-Tellers tips: JJ-Shiells.pdf

Environmental Storytelling

Environmental Storytelling Books & Online Resources List by Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson

Dr Martin Shaw Mythology & Ecology Psychology - website, essays, stories

Re-enchanting the Natural World with Storytelling Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson- Article

Sharon Blackie;Writer, Psychologist, Mythologist & Environmentalist- website, blog, online courses


Hansel & Gretel by Vibha Gulati & Sandie Jessamine- article

Telling-Fairy-Stories-Tellers Tips: Peter Dargin pdf

Healing & Theraputic Storytelling

Healing, Therapeutic & Well-being Storytelling Books & Online Sites List by member Lindy Mitchell Nilsson

The Power of Story: Lizzie Chase-article

Story Genres & Collections

Fabulous-Fables-Tellers Tips: Peter Dargin-pdf

Greek-Myths-Tellers Tips: Pat Dargin-pdf

Its-a-Mystery- Tellers Tips: Jo Henwood-pdf

Of-Mice-Men-in-Fables-Tellers Tips: P-Dargin-pdf

South East Asian & East Asian Stories- Story Collections List by member Kiran Shah

Telling Bible-Stories-Tellers Tips: B-Castledine.pdf

Stories, Adapting, Constructing & Writing

Adapting-a-Story-Tellers Tips: Peter Dargin-pdf

The-Shape-Within-Narrative-Structure-Tellers Tips: Jo-Henwood.pdf

The-Story-Begining-Tellers Tips: P-Dargin.pdf

Writing-for-Telling-Tellers Tips: J-Kelly.pdf

The Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2018

The Sydney International Storytelling Conference 2018