Oral Storytelling

Storytelling is the oldest oral art.  Many years ago, when the only form of communication was by word of mouth, stories were the only means of gaining information and spreading news.  Stories taught us who we were, where we came from, and how we should relate to each other.

Storytelling encompasses a vast heritage of lore, myths, epic tales, folk tales, travellers tales; tales of the creation of the world, tales of its destruction; sagas of gods and men; all the great traditional legends from around the world.  It includes personal stories and yarns. These stories are not learned by rote or read from books but retold by the tellers, making each interpretation unique. Storytelling is more than just performance or entertainment; storytelling can also educate, heal, lead to better practice in business, and inspire and change lives.

Who we are

Storytellers NSW is the Australian Storytelling Guild (NSW) Inc, an open organisation which welcomes anyone with an interest in oral storytelling, whether teller, listener, beginner or professional.

Since 1994 we have been active in bringing like minded people together to enjoy, discuss and practise the art of storytelling. The organisation was founded in March 1994 and incorporated on 4 July 1996 with these objectives:

  • to promote the craft and skills of storytelling

  • to offer opportunities for members

  • to offer workshops and coaching in all areas of storytelling

  • to provide a venue where local and visiting storytellers can share skills

  • to provide storytelling resources for members

  • to offer a pathway to accreditation for members.

Officers & Contacts


Sue Alvarez


Christine Carlton
Christine Greenough
Judy Mitchell Dorothy Makasa Sandie Jessamine




Lindy Mitchell-Nilsson
0423 417 783

Vice President

Liz Locksley
0439 690207


Kiran Shah
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Michael Patterson
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